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Root Frequency Release Therapy (RFRT) brings transformation at the subconscious level – changing beliefs, reprogramming habits, and releasing trauma. Given that 95% of human behavior is subconscious, the process often has ramifications for every area of a client’s quality of life. Health, wealth, relationships, inner peace – there’s nothing the process can’t affect.

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The principles of RFRT work in person or over a long-distance call. In fact, at least 91% of Dr. Braun’s clients receive RFT via Zoom calls. No matter where you are in the world, you can experience the life-changing results of this revolutionary process.


of RFRT clients are remote.

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About Dr. Robin Perry Braun

Dr. Robin Perry Braun is a holistic healthcare professional and the creator of Root Frequency Release Therapy (RFRT), a bioenergetic healing method that uses muscle testing to identify a wide variety of health issues: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional. Dr. Braun’s practice is based on the following core principles:

  • Everything (including emotions, thought patterns, and toxins) is energy, and all energy has a frequency.
  • Energy is detectable and transferable
  • Spiritual principles overlap with the principles of quantum physics and have measurable effects on physical reality.
  • Every facet of health is connected and impacts the others.

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