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Thrive – Applying Biblical and Quantum Energy Principles to Live in a Transformed Life, Hardcover


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RFRT Training – Online Package


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Opti-Adrenal – 90 Capsules


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Premiere Research Labs EPA/DHA Marine Softgels


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Opti-Methyl B, 90 Capsules


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Pure Daily Build Multiple Vitamin – 2 Month Supply


heavy metal detox, cytodetox, true cellular detox


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Premiere Research Labs Microbiome-18


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Internal Detox Clay


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Medi-Detox Pack


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Orgonite Pyramid Tower EMF Diffuser


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Orgonite Pendants


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VAX HP Homeopathic


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Safe Connect BodyBand


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House Shield


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Multi Polar Magnet


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Q Disk – EMR Remediation Device


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Mega Shield (Similar to Q Disk)


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Vax Shedding Protection


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Jab Remediation Package (Borax)


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Effective EMR Remediation Package