Integrated Bioenergetic


Releasing Blocks to Success with the Laws of Quantum Physics

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Everything is Energy and Frequency - Including Thoughts and Trapped Emotions

Your personality is the combination of unknown numbers of subconscious of beliefs, thought patterns, and memories. Like all forms of matter, thoughts are energy, and all energy has a frequency. This means that belief patterns that evade conscious recognition can be detected by listening to your body's frequency. When detected, these beliefs can be released and reprogrammed, creating a completely different personality unhindered by toxic subconscious fears, traumas, and habits.

Find and and Release Subconscious Blocks to Success and Wellness

Health and success are interconnected, particularly at the mental and emotional level. The reality is that 75% of success is positive beliefs and a personal sense of belongingness, competence, and worth. With IBR Therapy, you can purge your body, mind, and heart from the painful beliefs that have kept you from achieving the life you want. IBRT is a cutting edge system to address every area of misalignment, including nutritional and structural issues.

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Spiritual Healing With Biblical and Quantum Physics Principles

While Western culture has insisted on separating science from spirituality, the reality is that the laws of nature and the laws of the supernatural significantly overlap. An individual's blocks to success and health can have spiritual causes as well as physical. These spiritual toxins can be detected through Integrated Bioenergetic Restoration Therapy using the same principles of quantum physics as trapped emotions and beliefs. For many individuals, this is the primary cause for poor health, finances, and relational success.

Robin's background of 30 years in inner healing, deliverance and prayer ministry makes IBRT’s ever-growing spiritual toolbox is unprecedented and is perhaps unmatched in breadth by any other holistic process.

It's All Connected.

Belief Shifting

Trauma Release

Trapped Emotions

Nutrition Planning



Physical Issues

Spiritual Freedom

Client Results

Get Thrive to Learn More

Dr. Braun's recent release, Thrive, reveals the key principles of quantum physics that define health and success that have beeb hidden in Scripture for millennia. Buy your copy today and start your path towards freedom!

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Get Trained in IBR Therapy

For individuals who want daily or multi-week sessions of IBRT, Dr. Braun offers trainings throughout the year so that the individuals with a higher level of hunger for transformation can learn and use Integrated Bioenergetic Restoration on themselves as often as they want.

Get Radical Whole Body Transformation.